Yatagarasu | Utech Records

I got to draw a Yatagarasu (three legged crow) for Utech Records. Stickers for now and later a possible record cover or shirt. If you haven’t checked out their amazing music selection you really should. Keith puts out such unique work and is also an amazing designer.

The three legged crow or raven is used commonly in Chinese (Yangwu, Jīnwū or golden crow), Korean (Samjogo), Japanese (Yatagarasu or eight-span crow) mythology to represent the sun or living within the sun. In Japanese mythology they are a sign of divine intervention in human affairs and are a symbol of guidance. Evidence of the earliest bird-Sun motif or totemic articles excavated around 5000 B.C. from the lower Yangtze River delta area, China. 5000 B.C. We are but babes in the West.

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Keith Utech

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