Together Apart Mushrooms | Carewear Fundraising T-shirt

My Together Apart Mushrooms shirt for Witly’s Carewear Series 3 featuring a Mycorrhizal network to represent the symbiotic relationship people have in a community, and in general as humans. We are not together yet but can do more work to get closer and to help each other.  For this Carewear fundraising initiative the buyer selects a health care organization to donate to and 100% of profits will go directly to the health care organization of their choice (42%: Organization Donation & 58% : Artist Commission | Garment Costs | Manufacturing Costs). Lots of other amazing artists are part of this series too so check it out.

Thanks to everyone who bought this shirt. Series 3 raised a total of $3610.32! My shirt specifically raised $338.10 for health care organizations and I also donated my profit and doubled it to go to the Hamilton Center for Civic Inclusion for a total of $250. They do amazing work there so check them out.




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