Diplomas not Dropouts | Grand Rapids

Colleges and universities are looking at how they can help incoming students achieve the success they came for. Support in mental health, activities and the need for support amongst peers.

Hockey Player Börje Salming | West End Phoenix

I drew a hockey player! Now I finally feel fully Canadian. The Maple Leaf's Börje Salming for West End Phoenix complete with his impressive injury. In 1986 the skate blade of Detroit's Gerard Gallant inadvertently cut the future Hall of Famer’s face while he was

Lou Reed | West End Phoenix

So happy to work again with Toronto’s West End Phoenix for their Music Issue and bonus, I got to draw Lou Reed!!! Lovely and funny personal story to work with by Kevin Hearn.

Elizabeth Warren | Politico

It was a pleasure to draw Senator Elizabeth Warren for Politico and illustrate her view on feminism throughout her life. “Whether taking on the boy’s club will help or hurt her, it’s indisputable that Warren has been training all her life to challenge the purported