Lion | Two Crown King Band

Really excited about this album cover artwork for the band Two Crown King. So wonderful to collaborate with my partner, Jamie Lawson from Poly on this. All the amazing design and lion silhouettes were his work.

Battles | Zoo Exhibit

Battle from the depths! These paintings were featured in the ZOO art exhibit at Loose Canon Gallery, Hamilton, ON, Canada, June-July, 2011.

The Inferno Collection | Harlequin Books

"When a friend asks Kim Reynolds if her library is concealing an inferno collection, she denies it. Why would a university library keep books hidden from the public? But Kim's friend Lorette is being threatened by someone who believes the secret collection exists. Then Kim

Pan Am Games Mural | MacLaren McCann & Chevrolet

This was such a unique project to be involved in. I was asked to do a 20x8 ft mural by ad agency MacLaren McCann to showcase Chevrolet’s presentation of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Volunteer program for the Pan Am Countdown in Toronto's Nathan

Moon & Sun Jaguars | Dos Art Exhibit

Here's my Moon Jaguar painting from the DOS show on Friday July 19th, 2013 at Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks. It was exciting that I got to work on this exhibit with my husband Jamie Lawson who painted the brilliant red Sun Jaguar. What a great night!