Medusa, Turning Patriarchy to Stone | Bitch Magazine

My illustration for the newly redesigned Bitch Magazine for McKenzie Schwark’s insightful article on how mythology is often seen through the patriarchal lens. Looking at myths from a feminist perspective we can re-examine Medusa’s traumatic past, her relationship with other women (Athena) and see that her transformation was a gift, not a curse.

The narrative of women competing with one another or being jealous of each other is so ingrained in our storytelling it can be hard to look past it and see the potential camaraderie between women in mythology. But when we examine these stories and look at the female relationships and their relationships with male figures, we can start to abolish the patriarchal lens that glares over them. We can look at the patriarchy so harshly, we turn it to stone.

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Margot Harrington


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