Hyakki Yagyo: Night Parade of 100 Demons

The Hyakki Yagyo is a night where all manner of yokai, ogres, ghosts and other supernatural creatures parade through the streets in one massive spectacle. Those foolish enough to go outside or peek out of their windows in hopes to catch a glimpse of the supernatural are either killed or spirited away…


For the Hyakki Yagyo: Night Parade of 100 Demons show, myself and 24 other talented artists were invited to interpret a Japanese folklore classic by creating 4 creatures each, creating a total of 100 Yokai (demons) from Japanese mythology. The show opened on Thursday Oct 20th, 2016 at Northern Contemporary Gallery, 1266 Queen St. W, Toronto.


Firstly we have, Takiyasha Hime, a bad ass sorceress known for her frog magic and being able to command an army of skeletons. next is Kotengu, a lesser Tengu who enjoys kidnapping people and forcing them eat feces until they go mad. They especially revel in tormenting monks and nuns, robbing temples, and trying to seduce clergy. Then we have the Jorōgumo who’s favorite prey is young, handsome men who are looking for love and it doesn’t end well. Lastly is the Oni. These handsome fellas are the punishers of the damned in Hell and tend to enjoy crushing humans with their iron clubs. Just lovelty.


Hitoshi Murakami

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