Medusa, Turning Patriarchy to Stone | Bitch Magazine

My illustration for the newly redesigned Bitch Magazine for McKenzie Schwark's insightful article on how mythology is often seen through the patriarchal lens. Looking at myths from a feminist perspective we can re-examine Medusa’s traumatic past, her relationship with other women (Athena) and see that

On Gratitude | Hour Detroit Magazine

A piece about gratitude and figuring out what holds us back, shining a light on the good things in life while trying to ignore the negative. It was a great excuse to go bonkers with detail and draw various birds, bugs and big blooming flowers!

Sayed Dreams of Birds | Swarthmore College

Sayed Malawi is a student at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, who started a bird-watching club on campus. It was fantastic working with Phillip Stern and Jonathan Riggs on this one. You know you've working with a good team when they want you to make the drawing more