T-Shirt Design | Reebok

Very exciting to see my work on a shirt and wonderful that I got to do a "fierce" women's design for Reebok. Thanks to art director Thy Doan for making this such a great process and letting me add some gnarly teeth and snake scales.

The Bad Mother | Pollinator Films

The Bad Mother is an independent feature-length dramatic comedy produced by Pollinator Films. The film follows Tara, a mid-30’s woman, struggling with her role as a stay at home mom after leaving a rewarding career to raise kids. What a perfect project to get, considering

Yatagarasu | Utech Records

I got to draw a Yatagarasu (three legged crow) for Utech Records. Stickers for now and later a possible record cover or shirt. If you haven’t checked out their amazing music selection you really should. Keith puts out such unique work and is also an

Pan Am Games Mural | MacLaren McCann & Chevrolet

This was such a unique project to be involved in. I was asked to do a 20x8 ft mural by ad agency MacLaren McCann to showcase Chevrolet’s presentation of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Volunteer program for the Pan Am Countdown in Toronto's Nathan

Joni Mitchell’s Blue | Polaris Heritage Prize Poster

My first silk screen! So thrilled to have been asked to do a Polaris Music Prize Slaight Heritage Poster and especially excited to draw Joni Mitchell’s unique face and to delve into an album that is so iconic. I hope I did it justice, trying