Hockey Player Börje Salming | West End Phoenix

I drew a hockey player! Now I finally feel fully Canadian. The Maple Leaf's Börje Salming for West End Phoenix complete with his impressive injury. In 1986 the skate blade of Detroit's Gerard Gallant inadvertently cut the future Hall of Famer’s face while he was

Lou Reed | West End Phoenix

So happy to work again with Toronto’s West End Phoenix for their Music Issue and bonus, I got to draw Lou Reed!!! Lovely and funny personal story to work with by Kevin Hearn.

Elizabeth Warren | Politico

It was a pleasure to draw Senator Elizabeth Warren for Politico and illustrate her view on feminism throughout her life. “Whether taking on the boy’s club will help or hurt her, it’s indisputable that Warren has been training all her life to challenge the purported

The Bad Mother | Pollinator Films

The Bad Mother is an independent feature-length dramatic comedy produced by Pollinator Films. The film follows Tara, a mid-30’s woman, struggling with her role as a stay at home mom after leaving a rewarding career to raise kids. What a perfect project to get, considering

Political Primer Portraits | Globe & Mail

It was a tense election this year and a super close race between these three candidates, but in the end Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party won out. Really interesting to lend my skills to political discourse in Canada with these three portraits for the Globe and

Sayed Dreams of Birds | Swarthmore College

Sayed Malawi is a student at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, who started a bird-watching club on campus. It was fantastic working with Phillip Stern and Jonathan Riggs on this one. You know you've working with a good team when they want you to make the drawing more

Canadian Innovators Mural | Gore Mutual

A few of my portraits that were featured in the Gore Mutual Mural collaborated on with Jamie Lawson as our Vermillion Sands collaboration. The mural was inspired by Canadian innovation and the wonderful Chris Hadfield quote "Impossible Things Happen". Created digitally and measuring approximately 39'