On Gratitude | Hour Detroit Magazine

A piece about gratitude and figuring out what holds us back, shining a light on the good things in life while trying to ignore the negative. It was a great excuse to go bonkers with detail and draw various birds, bugs and big blooming flowers!

Medusa, Turning Patriarchy to Stone | Bitch Magazine

My illustration for the newly redesigned Bitch Magazine for McKenzie Schwark's insightful article on how mythology is often seen through the patriarchal lens. Looking at myths from a feminist perspective we can re-examine Medusa’s traumatic past, her relationship with other women (Athena) and see that

Sayed Dreams of Birds | Swarthmore College

Sayed Malawi is a student at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, who started a bird-watching club on campus. It was fantastic working with Phillip Stern and Jonathan Riggs on this one. You know you've working with a good team when they want you to make the drawing more

Walking Among the Moose | Canadian Wildlife

There’s a moment in Hugo Kitching’s new documentary “A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater” when the drama comes into sharp relief. It’s late winter, and Kitching, who spent a year following and filming a mother moose and two calves through the wilds

Canada’s Postnationalism | The Guardian

My piece on The Canada experiment: is this the world's first 'postnational' country? for The Guardian, especially apt for this era of nationalism and fear. Thanks Chris Michael for the fascinating gig. Nice to read something lately that has some hope.