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ZOO art exhibit ~ July 8 opening ~ Hamilton April 6th, 2011

Really pleased to announce an upcoming local show I’m participating in. It’ll be up for all of July, but the opening will be part of the James Street Art Crawl (2nd week of each month) on the night of Friday July 8. We’ve rounded up a fantastic group of artists and happy to finally have our first local show! Thanks to Dane at Loose Canon for having us at his gallery, Loose Canon. So, the amazing rooster of artists tackling the “ZOO” theme in their own unique way are:

Dushan Milic, Jen Hsieh, Kyle Reed, Jamie Lawson, & Steve Newberry. The show will also contain writings by Judith Scholes & Carolyn Veldstra

Below is the poster designed by Jamie Lawson and a section of one of my images so far. Get prepared for my scenes of primal animal violence!

When looking for inspiration for this exhibit I bought a wonderful book containing a whole bunch of delightful photos & ephemera. I’d highly recommend you buying a copy yourself. See some of its 400 images below.

ZOO, A History Of Zoological Gardens in the West

by Eric Baratay & Elizabeth Hardouin-Fugier

Reaktion Books, 2002

Turtle Wax from The Blog of Record. A keeper at London Zoo spruces up the turtles for the Easter visitors. April 1946, Regent’s Park, London. Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS. More here (via Giudit), including this 1938 photo of Princess Elizabeth (the future Queen Elizabeth II) and her sister Princess Margaret looking at penguins:

Amazing Vintage Zoo Posters from the early 1900s by the very talented German Illustrator, Ludwig Hohlwein (1874-1949)(some via the Susan Lenox Flickr).

One Response to ZOO art exhibit ~ July 8 opening ~ Hamilton

  1. Hilda Rasula says:

    Amazing post. Those Hohlwein posters are incredible.

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