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ZOO art exhibit July 12th, 2011

Last Friday night we had the opening of our Zoo exhibit at the Hamilton Art Crawl, at Loose Canon (150 James Street North). Here’s some pics from the event starting with the beautiful elaborate lettering that Jamie designed and was far too detailed to be made into vinyl. We had a lovely time in the hot window dealing with this bad boy. I think it turned out quite lovely at the end.

Most of us have been living in Hamilton for the past few years and have gone to the art crawl often but had never participated in one. Usually our work is shown in magazines in Toronto & American publications so it was so nice for a change to do something in our hometown. So lucky to be friends with such a fantastic group of artists. It was really inspiring seeing everyone’s work up together. Thanks to Dane at Loose Canon for having us at his gallery. So, the artists tackling the “ZOO” theme were: Dushan Milic, Jen Hsieh, Kyle Reed, Jamie Lawson, & Steve Newberry. Also, the show was taken to a new level by having some wonderful writing by Judith Scholes & Carolyn Veldstra.

ABOVE: ZOO logo by Jamie Lawson at Poly / Adaptimals Prototype X-1 (Bunny) by Steve Newberry / Rhinocerotidae by Dushan Milic

Dushan did some amazingly detailed line-work in his massive rhino piece. Steve made multiple foam rabbits with grasshopper legs & (of course) sun visors – even though they are mutated they should still stay safe in the sun. It was pretty tempting to want to throw them around the room. Jamie’s work with its vibrant layers of paint presented Below are my primal apocalyptic animal paintings. Really enjoyed working on these. So often I get asked to work on ‘pretty’ images so it’s amazing to be able to break out and do some subject matter that I find intriguing. I’ll have a separate process blog post soon on some of these. I’ve also included some photos of people checking out the work & a pic of Jamie & myself. I’m the lady in the red dress. Got to get one cheesy shot of yourself at your own show right?

ABOVE: Lion, Monkeys vs. Gaur, Octopus vs. Crab & Rooster vs. Komodo Dragon , by me

ABOVE: T’s Vision, 40 Syllables, 14 Words, The Fabulous Night Panther & Jaguar Masks by Jamie Lawson

Thanks for everyone who braved the sauna that night. It was hot and packed! I heard the art crawl brought out 1000 people. Not too shabby. Can’t wait until the Super Crawl in September when the whole street will be closed. ZOO will be up until July 31st.

ABOVE: Looking at my Rollie it’s About That Time by Dan Brandon / Gibbon by Kyle Reed / Flightless Bird by Jen Hsieh


ZOO ~ a Motley Menagerie or Magnificent Mammalia

Confused, strange & possibly even frightening more than cute, in this “Zoo” one encounters post-apocalyptic beast battles, transfixing Fabergé animals, the patchworked geometry of fauna, speculative Borges-ian cat dreams, mutated multiples, a monkey with a Rolex and the intimacy of creatures far too big & far too small. Animals of all sorts are depicted in an exoticizsed, Victorian-esque salon fashion, drawing from the world of turn-of-the-century “zoological gardens” and “menageries”, with plenty of the pure fantasy of 50′s/60′s exotica & many other odd influences peculiar to the artists thrown in for good measure.

Gaze with awe-ful wonderment at a miscellany of exotic creatures from distant lands!

Follow in the footsteps of intrepid explorers the world over, as you peer into the natural habitats of the beasts, replicated herein!

Struggle to comprehend this new reality – in far-flung realms beyond your experience exist unseen delights & curiosities, insisting you question your estimations of the Natural World!

11 Responses to ZOO art exhibit

  1. This show looks great!

    Octopus turned out fantastic

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  3. Darren says:

    Loved the entire show. Dushan’s rhino piece was amazing.

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