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Waxwork Records Covers December 12th, 2013

Thrilled that my husband Jamie Lawson (from Poly Studio) and I are teaming up with the incredible Waxwork Records to do the art for classic horror soundtrack LP covers! It’s going to be awesome to collaborate together on something so near and dear to our hearts.

Waxwork Records is the label behind the amazing, ghoulish-green Re-Animator vinyl soundtrack by Richard Band, John Harrison’s classic 1985 score to Romero’s Day of the Dead & the soon to be out Rosemary’s Baby soundtrack by Christopher Komeda. We have the first two and can’t wait to get out hands on Rosemary’s Baby. That sounds a tad strange doesn’t it? The Day of the Dead & Rosemary’s Baby package features art by Jay Shaw & the Re-Animator art is by Ghoulish Gary Pullin. We can’t wait to join the ranks of this talented team.


Here’s a little sneak peek of my painting process so far. What film might this be?

WAXWORK - Jacqui Oakley - Painting Process

Here’s the striking Day of the Dead art and design by Jay Shaw:

Waxworks Records - Day of the Dead - Jay Shaw

Check out the stunning colours of this vinyl.

Waxworks Records - Day of the Dead - Jay ShawWaxworks Records - Day of the Dead - Jay Shaw

Art for the 1985 horror film, Re-Animator created by Ghoulish Gary Pullin with contains a massive 18″ x 24″ full color poster of his eye-catching cover art. This totally captures the vibe of the film.

Waxworks Records - Re-Animator - Ghoulish Gary Pullin

Waxworks Records - Re-Animator - Ghoulish Gary Pullin

Up next is the haunting score for Rosemary’s Baby with cover art by Jay Shaw which you can pre-order now at Waxwork Records.

Rosemary's Baby - Waxworks Records

Waxworks Records - Rosemary's Baby - Jay Shaw

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