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Tattoos! December 19th, 2012

2012 has been a year of welcomed surprises. My work was pushed a new direction I couldn’t have imagined with book illustration. I was excited to have a chance to work on my first children’s book Lighting Our World for Kids Can Press and especially thrilled to illustrate huge Jane Austen  and Sherlock Holmes collections for Amazon and get a chance to work with the talented Book Designers. Definitely a year full of challenges and business but it was a huge and welcome learning experience.

Another surprising thing was being contacted by people who had my art tattooed on them. What an incredible compliment and something I would have never had expected to happen. Below, here’s Mike Baker’s bird tattoo by Vancouver’s Cohen Floch. You can check out Floch’s work on his site and newer work on his Tumblr. I have to say, He really did such a remarkable job capturing the line work and I really like it just in black.

Late last year I was contacted by Fabi Liedmeier from Germany who kindly asked permission to use my lion artwork as a tattoo for himself. Little did I know he was actually going to tattoo the lion over his own chest with just the aid of a mirror! Luckily he filmed it – check out the video below and see his blog for more of his work. he only just started tattooing within the last year and is making big strides. He definitely isn’t afraid of a challenge! I believe colour is going to be added to this bad boy at a later date.

I’m sure he’ll move onto the colour soon and when he does I’ll pop up a newer image. Another piece recently started by Fabi was taken from my Dreaming illustration which I think is coming along quite nicely.

Dreaming - tattoo by Fabi from art by Jacqui Oakley

A few years ago my friends Hilda Rasula and Daryl Brook wanted anchor tattoos to celebrate their wedding and my husband Jamie and I were very honored to be asked to create their anchors. I cannot take credit for the tattoo, which was done by Adam Kliss at Art and Soul Tattoos, just for the illustration he cleverly adapted it from.

You should check out my lovely friend Hilda Rasula‘s work and say hello to her on Twitter. She is a freelance motion picture editor based in Los Angeles. Recently she’s been doing some assistant editing on David Fincher’s episodes of House of Cards for Netflix. Also, she was the editor for the short film Caine’s Arcade, about an enterprising boy in East LA who built his own arcade out of cardboard. If you haven’t seen it yet this film is truly inspiring. It’s been viewed 7 million times online, and has raised over $200K for Caine’s scholarship fund. I feel so lucky to have such talented friends around me. They keep me on my toes.

Here’s Daryl’s piece designed by Jamie Lawson. Don’t they make a nice pair?

My tattoo is not a piece of my own art but an combination of old peony engravings and was done by the brilliant Derek Lewis at Hartless in Toronto. If you’re in the Toronto area I’d totally recommend going to him. He’s done work on many of my friends, including my husband, Jamie‘s gorgeously detailed piece below on the left. I’ve also included a newer piece by Derek on the right.

I do not normally design tattoos for people usually only my close friends. A tattoo artist has a much better idea about how line-work and form will wrap nicely around a body’s curves. It is an art form that astounds me and I don’t think I could ever have the guts to do something permanent on someone. Lately I’ve been really inspired by black line-work tattoos and a few months I came across Liam Sparkes from London, UK. Really think he’s doing something so interesting looking with being inspired by Medieval Wood Cut prints.

Also, Thomas Hopper’s work blows my mind. Such detail, unique use of symbols and what an eye for composition. One day….


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