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Nook Holiday Sale: Dec 8 & 9th! December 1st, 2012

It’s Nook’s 2nd annual Holiday Sale, and I’m happy to announce I’ll be there with my prints and the work of  Toronto’s best illustrators. It’s a great chance to buy art gifts for the holidays or just to drop by and say hello to all of us. Nook is located at 156 Augusta Avenue, Toronto ON, M5T 2L4 in Toronto’s Kensington Market. It’s a great collective which brings together all types of commercial artists with inspiring classes and events and with the goal of fostering collaboration and community. Be sure to check out their upcoming events and talks. We’re so lucky to have this in our community. A big shout out to Julia Breckenreid for all the work she does here.

Mark your calendars please, this a great opportunity to find a perfect, original gift – whether it’s original art, prints, objects or ephemera. Here’s the great line-up!

Tracy Walker – Marco Cibola – Claire Manning – Martha Chan – Melissa Verge

Carl Wiens – Jen Hsieh – Kyle Reed – Katy Dockrill – Rob Collinet – Jacqui Oakley

Jennifer Prior – Courtney Wotherspoon – Dave Murray – Carey Sookocheff

Julia Breckenreid – Jody Hewgill – Kagan McLeod – Ben Shannon – Derek Wuenschirs

Cinders McLeod – Kathryn Adams – Sandra Dionisi – Steve Wilson – Arv Slabosevicius

Thom Sevalrud – Clayton Hamner – Trio Magnus – Hyein Lee



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