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Limits of Control – Jim Jarmusch May 8th, 2011

A beautiful surreal movie that follows a quiet loner, actor Isaach De Bankole, on his mysterious mission through Spain. In his travels he receives his instructions from a series of distinctive individuals who always state the phrase, “He who thinks he is bigger than the rest must go to the cemetery. There he will see what life really is: a handful of dirt.”

The colours are always in the palette of warm blues & browns but change to a sandy tone once the protagonist moves further south into the more empty desert regions.Very thoughtfully done with beautiful visuals from one of my favourite cinematographers, Christopher Doyle. You may know him from his stunning work in Wong Kar Wai’s, In the Mood for Love. I’ll do a post on this film soon. Great soundtrack by Boris too, which you can play below the post.

Here’s some screen shots I took & a palette which I hope to use in an upcoming painting. I’m especially drawn to the warm browns against the pale blues. Trying to make a trip to Spain happen ever since seeing this film. Hopefully we will find ourselves there towards the end of the Summer!

Below is one of the songs from the film by the Japanese band Boris. It’s drone and ambient quality perfectly suit the elusive tone of the film’s “mysterious loner”.


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