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DOS Art Show, Fri July 19, Toronto May 28th, 2013

I’m happy to be participating again in the next La Carnita / HXfour art event DOS where I’ll be showing art alongside a lot of talented folks (see the great line-up below). If the art isn’t enough they’ll be four battling DJ’s and two battling Mexican restaurants Big Star (Chicago, USA) and La Carnita (Toronto, Canada). It should be a fun night filled with great art, music and tacos at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works, a 15,000 sq foot warehouse.

Last year’s UNO show was crazy. It ended up drawing a massive crowd of 3000 people to the old factory located in Toronto’s Don Valley. This year should be even better. Here’s my post with shots from last year’s UNO.

I’ll be partnered with my husband Jamie Lawson (from Poly) and we’ll be focusing on the emphasis of Jaguars in South American mythology. Here’s a sneak peek & cropped version of our 3 ft x 3ft paintings. We’re really excited to see how these will look in person side by side.

JAGUAR - by Jacqui Oakley & Jamie Lawson

Thanks for all your work putting this Clay (HXfour)! For more information about the one night only event go to La Carnita. Here’s some information on what I’ll be up to in the show:

DOS poster - Jacqui Oakley Illustration

Here’s a little sketch so far, but this time we’ll be going a a lot bigger with large painted canvases and maybe even a cardboard mask…. Stay tuned for more process shots on my Instagram.

Jaguar Sketch - Jacqui Oakley Illustration

A sneak peek at the Jaguar paper mask I made for the show.

Jaguar Paper Art Mask - by Jacqui Oakley

Here’s some reference material that got us excited about this subject including Jaguars found in Mayan art. Directly below is the image of the Mayan Lord Bird Jaguar.

Mayan Art- Jacqui Oakley Illustration

Below is Yaxchilan lintel 25, Maya, Late Classic period (AD 600-900) from Yaxchilán, Mexico now in the British Museum.

Lady Xook, on the bottom right of the panel, is in the hallucinatory stage of the bloodletting ritual. She conjures before her a vision of a Teotihuacan serpent. Some scholars suggest that the serpent on this lintel, and elsewhere, are depictions of an ancestral spirit or founder of the kingdom. The identity of the figure coming out of the serpent’s jaws is ambiguous. The inscription names the protagonist as Shield Jaguar II.

Mayan Art- Jacqui Oakley IllustrationAs it happens Mayan motifs were popular in Soviet times in Russia. Who knew? Here’s some examples of these beautiful cards. Many more can be found on the site, English Russia.

Soviet Mayan Themed Playing Card - Jacqui Oakley Illustration

Mayan Art- Jacqui Oakley Illustration


After UNO comes DOS, an evening of collaboration in art, music and food. Goes down Friday,
July 19th at Evergreen Brickworks and tickets on sale June 1st. Stay tuned for more details and
see below for the full line-up.

Mike Giant (San Francisco, USA)  -vs-  Tom Gilmour (London, UK)
Sam Flores (San Francisco, USA)  -vs-  Joseph Martinez (Denver, USA)
Zach Johnsen (Portland, USA) -vs-  Johnny Crap (Montreal, Canada)
Joshua Davis (New York, USA)  -vs-  Chuck Anderson (Chicago, USA)
Faith47 (Cape Town, South Africa)  -vs-  DALeast (Beijing, China)
Eduardo Bertone (Madrid, Spain)  -vs-  Doublenaut (Toronto, Canada)
Dubelyoo (Atlanta, USA)  -vs-  Gene Pendon (Montreal, Canada)
Bryan Espiritu (Toronto, Canada)  -vs-  Hydro 74 (Orlando, USA)
Matt Barnes (Toronto, Canada)  -vs-  David Glantz (Toronto, Canada)
Eric Quebral (Muskoka, Canada)  -vs-  Rcade (Toronto, Canada)
Taka Sudo (Vancouver, Canada)  -vs-  Graham Curran (Los Angeles, USA)
Ben Tour (Vancouver, Canada)  -vs-  Vladimir Kato (Toronto, Canada)
Kwest (Toronto, Canada)  -vs-  Bacon (Toronto, Canada)
Skam (Toronto, Canada)  -vs-  Peru143 (Toronto, Canada)
Chase Tafoya (Los Angeles, USA)  -vs-  Dresden The Barbarian (Los Angeles, USA)
Che Kothari (Toronto, Canada)  -vs-  Nick Simhoni (Toronto, Canada)
Jacqui Oakley (Hamilton, Canada)  -vs-  Jamie Lawson (Hamilton, Canada)
Andy Kittmer (Muskoka, Canada)  -vs-  Angie Fey (Toronto, Canada)
Matt Darling (Toronto, Canada)  -vs-  Nancy Rose (Toronto, Canada)
Shingo Shimizu (Toronto, Canada)  -vs-  Carson Ting (Vancouver, Canada)

DJ Platurn (Oakland, USA)  -vs-  Grandtheft (Montreal, Canada)
Don Valley  (Toronto, Canada) -vs-  Brains4Breakfast (Toronto, Canada)

Big Star (Chicago, USA)
La Carnita (Toronto, Canada)

Hope to see you out!


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