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Creepy Valentines Vintage Ephemera February 14th, 2012

On this wondrous day of love I present for your enjoyment creepy vintage Valentine’s Day ephemera found in a local antique shop.

The one below surely is the winner. Who wouldn’t want to be taken for this one’s mate? He seems like he has a way with the fairer sex. That devious smile and firm throat grab are always winners when one is courting.

Below: “To Ralph Cooper from Cifford Mc Creodie”

What are these lovelies escaping from one has to wonder? Did their families disapprove of their torrid romance? Did blondie have to leave her family for a little trip for 9 months or so to come back a changed woman with a new little “sister”. Never trust those daredevil pilot types. You were warned. They are all fun and excitement at first but they will leave you a ruined woman.

Below: “Everett from Grandma and Grandpa” – “I wish I had your permission to sign myself your devoted and true Valentine”  It’s very formal & to be honest, slightly needy for Grandparents, no? Ralph sure guards his affections close to his chest. He is a hard boy to win over.

Also, I’m wondering is these are two different girls? Obviously this chap has a thing for the dark haired beauties which I fully understand, we are quite the prize, but always with the picnic ploy eh? Yes, a park surely is a romantic outing but try and mix it up and make it at least feel unique and sincere for each of your new ladies. A girl wants to feel special. You can do better.


Below: “Ian to Ralph” -  Ralph sure was loved. What lucky boy.

Is it just me or is the expression on this clown’s face pure terror? Surely there is an underlying message to this Valentines. Seems like there is something suspicious about this magic sorcerer and the hallucinogenic wheel in the back. Ian, is this some ruse to hypnotize Ralph into loving you? Really Ian, you don’t need to fall into such cheap tactics. I’m sure Ralph loves you for yourself if you’d just trust your feelings and be honest and grow a pair.

Happy Valentine’s Day folks.

2 Responses to Creepy Valentines Vintage Ephemera

  1. Margot says:

    This I LOVE. Thanks for the head’s up, Jacqui!!

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