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Horse skull April 9th, 2011



Insects February 3rd, 2011

Sorry, I’ve been so busy lately with illustration work and teaching I’ve not had a chance to post. 12 illustrations due next week. Oh, boy! Should be some nice work coming though. I’ll have some posts and process work soon! In the meantime here are some sketches.

Ladies who Swing November 26th, 2010

Some sassy swing ladies……Shorty Georgie, Tacky Annie, & Mess Around Mabel

Furniture November 15th, 2010

Have a seat, stay awhile. Here are my sketches of chairs and lamps for you.

Grace Jones November 2nd, 2010

Recently I watched La Vie on Rose and as amazing as Marion Cotillard was in the role, I couldn’t help thinking of the Grace Jones concert I saw last Summer in Los Angeles. One of Jones more famous songs is her rendition of La Vie En Rose. Her version has this great quality of being pretty and totally disjointed at the same time. I wanted to try and do my best to capture her severity and strange beauty in this sketch.

Her concert was at the Hollywood Bowl, which I had never been to before. It was beautiful to be outside surrounded by the hills and we were lucky to have the awesome band, Dengue Fever opening. After the sun set Grace Jones was produced, encased in a shining robe from head to toe, looking like an otherworldly monolith. Slowly, the form began to tremble. She sang the first song completely covered and then dramatically opened the 2nd song by dropping the robe and posing in a space-age-tribal costume barely concealing her body with white stripes.  You could hear a collective gasp from the audience, as the 62 year old commanded the attention of the whole Bowl. It was an unforgettable start that went even further with multiple costume changes. Jones had collaborated with the acclaimed costume designer Eiko Ishioka (who worked on the designs for The Cell, Bram Stokers Dracula, and Cirque de Soleil: Varekai) for her Hurricane Tour. Check out these amazing costumes below and a video of the opening of the concert here.

The red outfit was worn for La Vie En Rose. It looked like a beautifully dangerous origami flower. Part way through the song she spun around and revealed a totally bear back side. See a video of it here. Need I say again that she’s 62 and she can still pull off such antics! Another amazing moment was her performing Hurricane where she came out draped in black as she battled again a fan with a massively long cape flowing behind her. This concert was truly unforgettable.