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Myself & artists friends, Darren Booth, Marco Cibola, Jamie Lawson & Dushan Milic, have just finished original art for a Cancer research fundraiser. All the funds go towards illustrator Dushan Milic’s “Ride to Conquer Cancer”. He has to raise a bunch of money in order to join the 320 km – 2 day – bicycle race, so we have come up with original bicycle themed art. I believe we got the better deal! There’s no way I could ride all that far.

If you can donate even $5 it would be much appreciated but If you’d like to donate $110 you’ll receive a archival-quality giclée print of your choosing! Also, $200 donations gets you 2 prints, $275 for 3 or $325 for all 4! These are signed by the artist and are 8″ x 10″ with an approx. 1″ border, perfect for framing. Any combination of prints is fine. Mix & match your favourites!

JUNE 1OTH IS THE LAST DAY & there is ONLY 22 PRINTS AVAILABLE so get them while they’re hot!

Here’s my addition to the fundrasier: The Little Kiwi that Could. Below this is the artwork from the very talented artist folk starting from the top left: moi, Darren Booth, Dushan Milic, 2nd row: Marco Cibola & Jamie Lawson.

If you could spread the word, that would be really appreciated. More information about the artists, the charity & the race can be found here: http://donate.dushanmilic.com/RtCC_2011/




Hello folks, recently I updated my Etsy shop with a few more prints available. One is a gicleé print of a 2009 Christian Dior Couture dress. Below you can see my process of the rough pencil sketch & then my ink line work before I added the finishing touches with oil paint.  I’ve also included the very ‘fierce’ runway photo I was inspired by.

Really enjoyed ‘guessing’ the pattern of the fabric used. I think you get the gist. This was also my first foray for a while into doing something a bit looser. It’s hard to let go and me a bit more fluid with paint and line work after training yourself to do cleaner illustration work for years. Hopefully I can find time to work on some more fashion illustrations soon. Any requests?

Some quick info about the print: it is a giclée archival quality print (will last 70-200yrs) from an original ink & oil painting. It is printed by an expert printer on think watercolour paper with high pigment inks & with my signature. Sent unframed, but has a white border perfect for framing. The approximate image size is 7″ x 9.5″ printed on a sheet of 8″ x 10″ paper and it’s $32 usd (tax & delivery not incld.).


Recently a few people requested some images to be added to my Etsy print shop, so here they are: a couple of owl images from my solo art exhibit Prowl in Toronto a few years ago. There are two images available, one of The Barn Owls, which is sold here, or The Great Horned Owl found here (both come unframed). Really pleased that people are still liking these since I had so much fun painting them both. These are giclée artist-quality prints from the original ink & oil paintings. Images are smaller than the originals, approx. 7 x 9″ printed on an 8 x 10″ sheet of Somerset Velvet Enhanced watercolour paper with Epson UltraChrome pigment inks with lots of white space around each image for easy framing. They go for $35usd (tax & delivery not included). If you’d like a larger image please contact me. Also, I’m going to be adding more prints to the shop so let me know if there’s any image in particular you’d like to see available. Below is some lovely work written by the talented Carolyn Veldstra specifically for the exhibit. Check out her fantastic new blog here.



We see here a pair of Barn Owls—and we gain the distinct impression that we are being stared down by something preternaturally calm, nearly dangerous. These eyes, darker than an ink-dipped coal-miner, give away little of this bird’s soul, and perhaps penetrate a little too deeply in our own.

They know us well. Barn Owls live in close proximity to humans—inhabiting all our dark crannies and feasting on all that goes bump in our night. It’s not surprising that beaten down English serfs saw death in these pale white faces.

Death to voles, surely—a nesting pair of Barn Owls will eat more than 1000 voles in a season. Quick to determine that a bulbous serf (or skinny academic) is less a meal than a flurry of voles, we can rest assured the Barn Owl will most often leave well enough alone; though, keep in mind, folkish wisdom advocates walking around an owl in a tree—of course, the owl will turn and turn and turn its head to watch you, thereby wringing its own neck.


Now, if we stand very quietly, and look up, up, up into trees, just as the sun is setting, we might catch a glimpse of the most elegant and fearsome bird to inhabit the forests of Southern Ontario. The Great Horned Owl—Bubo Virgin.i.anus—was first spotted by settlers in the Virginia colonies. In a fit of imagination, settlers gave the bird the Latinized name of the colony, surely unaware of the wealth of puns opened up to future ornithologists.

Note the bird’s distinctive features: on its head we can see the two prominent ear tufts, which give the bird its name, though they are neither horns nor ears. A buff-red facial disc surrounds the bird’s staring, preternatural yellow eyes. Vice-like talons are disguised jauntily under what look very much like a feathery pair of spats. Never the gentleman-about-town, the Great Horned Owl is a veritable preying machine, known to feast on swans, red-tailed hawks, even marching into hen houses, on occasion, to lunch on a cockerel.

Lindy Hop Prints October 30th, 2010

I’ve have a confession to make, I have been dancing Lindy Hop and vintage jazz since 1998. Yes, I know it’s a bit out of the ordinary but I love the history and the atmosphere of the dance. Here’s some photos from the 30′s to the 40′s that captures the joy of the dance, and my new prints below.

So, lately I’ve been trying to properly illustrate the dance and it’s “strange gyrations”. I’ve found this kind of lively movement a challenge to draw but hopefully I’m on the right path with these new paintings of mine. I have some small 8 x 10″ prints of these now in my shop. These Lindy images are sold separately for $35usd each but if you’d like all 3, they are sold together for only $90usd (tax & delivery not included). These are professionally printed giclées from ink & acrylic original paintings. Image size is approximately 7 x 9″, printed on an 8 x 10″ sheet of Somerset Velvet Enhanced watercolour paper with Epson UltraChrome pigment inks. These are sent unframed, but each have a white border perfect for framing and are signed & titled by me. Hopefully some of you will be interested in these and will spur me on to make more. I’d love to do a whole series and to possibly enlarge it to include other forms of dance too. So, let me know if you’d like to see some specific Lindy moves or other dance styles!

I do have some big boots to fill. Hirschfeld did some amazing work with his Harlem collection. Here’s a great description of the book featuring his work, “Hirschfeld loses himself in the infectious energy of nighttime Harlem, where stern-faced, impeccably dressed residents blur into crackling lines of movement, individuals becoming manifestations of a neighborhood amazingly rich in history, culture and expression.” So dead on, I love it!