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Applied Arts Award May 9th, 2012

So pleased to have 5 pieces awarded in this years Applied Arts Illustration Annual, especially since they were among the projects I enjoyed most from 2011. Who can complain when asked to draw cougars in tea houses and divine woodpeckers?

Here are 3 illustrations¬† for Canadian Wildlife Magazine’s article on urban wildlife: A cougar considers his mounted cousin at the tea house / A man surrenders this balcony to the racoons / Montreal’s pigeon man’s love for the flying rodents is almost saintly. Always great to be art directed by Steven Balaban and do some fun animal pieces for Canadian Wildlife Magazine.

The illustration below always makes my day since I persuaded my husband Jamie to model for me. How can I not laugh at the image of him being attacked by racoons and squirrels? These are the harsh situations one must face living in Canada.

Pigeons often have a bad rap but this fella is trying to change that.


Here’s one of the spreads from the orginal article designed by Steven Balaban.

Here are the other two awarded illustrations,¬†Woodpecker Guardian & Divine Woodpecker from Angels on Earth Magazine art directed by the lovely Olga Jakim. This article focused on a granddaughter’s story of her deceased grandfather’s love for the woodpeckers who he believed watched over him. If anyone is interested, these fine winged fellows are available in my shop as prints.


There’s a bunch of good work featured in the magazine, so go and pick it up now. To keep with the animal theme of this post, one of my favourite illustrations from the annual is from the talented Dushan Milic. What an amazing piece!

Thanks Applied Arts!


2 Responses to Applied Arts Award

  1. This artist is very talented in their drawings with beautiful colors! How can I use these paintings as my Wallpaper on my I-Pad? Many thanks for all your help! Kimmie

    • admin says:

      Hi Kim. Thanks for your wonderful comments. I don’t have wallpaper yet, but hope to make some up soon. Just keep checking back at the site for news.


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