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My Abduzeedo Interview & Jamie Lawson’s Type Art November 7th, 2011

Paulo Canabarro @Paulov2 kindly contacted me about doing an interview for him on Abduzeedo. It’s always lovely to get asked to do something like this but always a bit strange answering questions about yourself. Hopefully I came across alright! Thanks again Paulo! Here’s the full interview on Abduzeedo with more photos of my work and my studio.

When I was checking out the site today it was a lovely surprise to see that there was a post on my main squeeze Jamie’s hand painted type work. Check out some of the screen grabs below and go to Abduzeedo to check out more. Such amazing textures and layering! If you’d like to find out more about Jamie Lawson’s work check out his art site and his design site at Poly.

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