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The heart wrenching stories of human trafficking and slave labor in the U.S., sometimes even happening to legal immigrants. Design and art direction by Melissa Gruntkosky and Stacey Bakaj

Human Trafficking | Northeastern Alumni Magazine | Jacqui Oakley Illustration

WHEN RODERICK LEFT THE Philippines to start a new life in Miami, he had no idea he was in the clutches of a sophisticated human trafficking operation that would turn his existence into a living hell. Like thousands of labor trafficking victims brought to this country each year, Roderick, who asked that his last name not be used, entered the U.S. legally. He had a valid passport, a current work visa, and a well-paying job waiting for him. He thought he was doing everything right—work hard, live frugally, send money back to support his family. And once he paid off his debt, he would bring his wife and daughter here to start a new life with him in the United States.
But within hours of setting foot on American soil, Roderick sensed that there was something dreadfully wrong. He was transported to an isolated house in southern Florida and deposited in a squalid room overflowing with workers from other countries. From that day forward, he was forced to work 60- hour weeks for little pay, while living under the constant threat of deportation, and fearing for both his own safety and that of his family back in the Philippines.

-Article by Bill Ibelle

Human Trafficking | Northeastern Alumni Magazine | Pencil Sketch | Jacqui Oakley Illustration

Human Trafficking | Northeastern Alumni Magazine | Ink Process | Jacqui Oakley Illustration



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